Monaco Frankfurt: Engaging With Spruced Up Men

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Monaco Frankfurt welcomes you.

First a definition of ‘Spruced Up’

spruced up (adj.) – dressed in fancy or formal clothing

dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, dressed-up, togged up, dressed, clad, clothed – wearing or provided with clothing; sometimes used in combination; “clothed and in his right mind” ; “proud of his well-clothed family”.

Well dressed = well-groomed, groomed, smart, dapper, sharp, elegant, stylish, chic, spruce, dressed to kill, well turned out, dressed up to the nines.



Monaco Frankfurt, Engaging With Spruced Up Men is specifically about engaging with SHY, INTROVERT and AUTISTIC gentlemen like you who are Tall, Large, Overweight, Short and find it challenging to find the attire and toiletries that are suitable for work, professional and personal events where you have to engage with others.  In essence to help your well-being in situations where you have to interact with other people, but are perhaps reluctant to do so because you do not feel confident in your current attire.

In other words, taking pride in how you as a man look and behave at private, social and professional environments with other people, through the medium of your attire and the presentation of yourself aided by your personal grooming regime.

As a shy, introverted or autistic man you want to belong yet maintain the essence of who you are as an individual.  Sometimes you want to be left alone with your own thoughts.  To remain in your bubble of familiarity.  Sometimes you want to engage with other like-minded shy and introvert men who understand what you are going through when you step into public view because of professional and personal situations.


So, WHAT does Monaco Frankfurt mean by ‘Spruced Up’?

Engaging With Spruced Up Men = Well dressed, Groomed, Smart, Dapper, Eccentric.  Presenting who you are through your shy and/or introvert characteristics through the use of suitable attire and personal grooming products that add to you, not detract from who you are.  Allowing others to communicate with you through acknowledging your individual style and well-being as you are presented before them.



Everyone likes to be in the presence of a man who is confident, honourable, understanding, knows the value of work and achievement, presents himself well and actions what he preaches in order to show truth in his words. A man who has inner and outer attraction. A man of substance.

I know this because I am a full figured, introvert, English lady and I have seen some amazing FIVE STAR men on my travels who have taken the task of looking presentable. Their hair. Their skin. Their clothes. Their smell. Their appearance. Their behaviour. As such I have created this space to champion such men as you in every day life. I am giving you this space so that you can connect with FIVE STAR like-minded men who are also tall, short, rotund, thin or muscular, PLUS are shy, introvert or have autism.  You, a real positive example of taking pride in how you look and behave at private, social and professional environments.  A role model for others similar to you.

YOU are:

1. A well dressed man who stands BIG in character when you are SHORT IN STATURE. Or.

2. A presentable OVERWEIGHT man who makes the heads of people turn with your confidence scent. Or.

3. A well groomed man who is HIGH AND BROAD in shape that you instinctively know what you need to feel happiness. Or

4. A dapper man who has a few extra pounds in weight and is NOT THE ARCHETYPAL HANDSOME Wanjiru/Aquaman/Sampson/Adonis, yet has the ability to connect and charm with others maintaining that your heart is in the right place. Or

5. A spruced up giant of a man who is CLEAN SHAVEN OR HAIRY, who engages with people with an apt feeling of assurance and comfort in your appearance, PLUS,

6. A conscientious, mature, tall/short man TAKING PRIDE IN HOW YOU LOOK AND BEHAVE AT PRIVATE, SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTS with other people.


So, begin your journey with Monaco Frankfurt to aid your well-being through the medium of your attire and personal grooming regime.


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